Book review – Zor: Philosophy, Spirituality and Science

June 28, 2016
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“Our lives aren’t a product of predetermination, they’re simply a collection of probabilities.” – Zor

Is the mind different from the brain? Is there a collective consciousness to which we all have access? What can quantum physics tell us about our emotional place in this world? How can science live beside philosophy and spirituality as a holistic means of understanding the universe?

Once an idealistic youth growing up in the tumultuous and free-spirited times of the 60’s and 70’s, Jonathan Brewster ditches his dream of joining the peace corp and finds himself returning to the confines of his wealthy, pampered and mind numbing existence as an investment banker but all of that changes when runs into a Haitian Dwarf named Zor…

Like a snowball rolling down a mountain collecting everything in it’s path, Zor: Philosophy, Spirituality and Science, gains size, speed and power by bringing together ideas from neuroscience, philosophy, spirituality, meditation, neuroscience and quantum physics, to name but a few.

In Zor, we are introduced to Jonathan Brewster and his chance meeting with a Haitian dwarf named Zor. Accepting that the universe conspired to put them together through attracting energies, Jonathan and Zor proceed to have random encounters, usually over a glass of scotch, where Jonathan relates the troubles of his life and Zor unfolds his theories about why his life is that way and how he can improve it.

Like any good rationalist, Jonathan is skeptical, until he starts putting into practice the things Zor is saying. We get to watch as Jonathan’s life is dramatically changed by the conversations and applications of Zor’s wisdom. From his business, to his relationships, to the very way he sees the world, a revolution of insight, upheaval and the occasional sadness brings to light the concepts that Zor presents and makes personal and tangible the ephemeral concepts that underly our quest for happiness.

With a heartbreaking ending that will have you questioning the trajectory of your own life and your relationship to the people in it, Zor is a wonderful, quick and thought-provoking read that never loses it identify within the enormity of the subject matters it attempts to bring together.

There may be more spirituality than science for some people, but I see Zor as a stepping stone for deeper investigation into many of the philosophical, spiritual and scientific concepts that are explored in the book. It is a primer, not an exhaustive analysis. Keep what you like, discard what you don’t, but make sure you give this book your attention, because subtle ideas can slip through the cracks if your are not vigilant.

Does the book completely coalesce the ideas of philosophy, spirituality and science? No. Does it establish a foundation for further personal reflection and investigation into how these different subjects can be brought together to help us better understand the universe and our place in it? Absolutely! It will bring many ah ha moments and will take you down a scenic, winding road of introspection and insight. And because of that I highly recommend you check it out because there is always something more we can learn about how to live.

As Zor says, “You have built a life that is better than it could be, but not as good as it should be.”


J. B., Ray Clements,
Body, Mind & Spirit
Createspace Independent Pub
November 9, 2010

Jonathan is a money manager for his father's company and observes Zor in the street one day. Curious about Zor's calmness when taunted by two teenagers, he begins a conversation which eventually guides his way of looking at and living in his world.

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